Get Moving at the Office

This article was written in collaboration with TOVI expert, Dr. Tara Coletta. Learn more about Dr. Coletta here.

Spending long periods of time at your desk is hard on your body and your mind.  Sitting is tough on your lower back and hips, and keeping your brain focused and alert takes a lot of energy (especially if you’re stressed). As a result, it is very important to give yourself breaks throughout the work day.  Moving around, even little amounts at a time, helps your blood get flowing, re-energizes you, and gives you a natural ‘pick-me-up’.

Despite all the benefits, it can be hard to make movement a part of your workday, especially when you work in an open office or a high-intensity environment.  Disappearing for an hour during the day to grab a workout isn’t in the cards for everyone, but there are easy ways to work movement into your busy workday.

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Helping Others See the Value of Health

This blog was written in collaboration with TOVI's mental health expert, Dr. Lorena Ruci. Learn more about Dr. Ruci here.


There’s no doubt getting healthier will set you up to feel and look better. A simple way to approach it is to think of a luxury-brand car. When you’re putting sub-prime fuel in your engine, your car will run, but you won’t be getting the best mileage. When you are making regular unhealthy choices, you're putting sub-prime fuel in your engine.

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How Healthy Snacks Can Keep You Energized and Focused at Work

This blog was written in collaboration with TOVI's nutrition expert, Dr. Tara Coletta. Learn more about Dr. Coletta here.

Food is not only your body’s main source of energy, but it’s also your sole source of vitamin and minerals.  When you make healthy choices and your diet is balanced, you are giving your body all it needs to work at its best each day. Simply focusing on eating healthy, unprocessed, and nutrient-rich foods throughout your day, especially at snack time, is a great way to start getting healthier.

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Healthy Lunch Tips for the Office

I have been very lucky as a number of my jobs have been working remotely from home.  This set-up has its pros and cons but a definite pro is that it’s much easier to be healthy.  It’s not a coincidence that when I moved to an ‘at office’ job a few years ago, I gained weight.

The workplace is never an easy place to be the healthiest ‘you’.  You don’t have access to your own fridge and stock of foods, social influence generally works in a negative direction, you often feel pressured to take as little time as possible to eat (meaning grab-and-go (not so healthy) lunches).  Also, the biggest thing that would catch me out when I worked in an office was the commute home.  By the end of the day I was tired, hungry, and ready and willing to snack on anything I could get a hold of (usually a bit of chocolate from the office vending machine).

Sound familiar? 

Here’s a few hints for keeping up your healthy eating habits in and out of the office.

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Why Nutrition Belongs in the Workplace

As an employer, you may wonder what your role is in maintaining or improving the health of your employees. Can’t they take care of themselves? Is it even appropriate to intervene in their lives? Is this appropriate in the workplace? Will people be interested?

Should you take an active role in their health and wellbeing? The answer is YES. You should at least provide an opportunity for your employees to better their health. Employees generally spend over half of their waking hours working and the most commonly cited reason we see for not taking positive step towards health is time. Coupled to that is knowledge (or lack thereof) and insufficient resources to gain knowledge.

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