How to Unwind at the End of Your Day

This blog was written in collaboration with TOVI's mental health expert, Dr. Lorena Ruci. Learn more about Dr. Ruci here.


When you’re busy, you might not have time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions.  While it’s tempting to ignore, or push aside, what’s going on in your head, unresolved emotions can impact your whole life, including how you sleep, your mood, and even how productive you are at work. Taking time to unwind at the end of your day gives you a chance to hit pause and check in with yourself.

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People with High Emotional Intelligence Have These 5 Things in Common

Emotional intelligence comprises of the ability to accurately perceive, recognize and express emotion, understand and incorporate emotion in the way we think, and importantly, regulate emotion. Because EI is such an important contributor to success, we have broken it down into 5 specific abilities that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

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