The Mental Side of Snacking: Why We Crave Comfort Food When We're Stressed

This blog was written in collaboration with TOVI's nutrition expert, Dr. Tara Coletta, and mental health expert, Dr. Lorena Ruci. Learn more about our experts here.


Why do we crave comfort foods when we're stressed?

We’ve all been there. You’re at work, you’re busy, you’re not hungry...but the pull of the vending machine is irresistible. There’s no denying quick, processed snacks often have little to no nutritional value, but when we are stressed, they’re often the first thing we reach for.

In reality, choosing to consume unhealthy snacks in moments of stress is a form of emotional eating. When we experience the strong emotions of anxiety and fear, we’re wired to seek something soothing and comforting. For humans, food is one of the most basic sources of comfort, and unhealthy foods full of sugar and carbs give us almost immediate gratification.

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How Healthy Snacks Can Keep You Energized and Focused at Work

This blog was written in collaboration with TOVI's nutrition expert, Dr. Tara Coletta. Learn more about Dr. Coletta here.

Food is not only your body’s main source of energy, but it’s also your sole source of vitamin and minerals.  When you make healthy choices and your diet is balanced, you are giving your body all it needs to work at its best each day. Simply focusing on eating healthy, unprocessed, and nutrient-rich foods throughout your day, especially at snack time, is a great way to start getting healthier.

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5 Ways to Promote Corporate Health After Your New Year's Resolutions

2017 is in full swing. The holidays are over, and so are those New Year's Resolutions everybody was so excited about. Now is the time when the gym starts to empty out and old unhealthy habits may begin to creep back into our lives. As a company, it is important to continue to promote wellness at the office and to follow through with your company's New Year's Resolutions. 

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