Are You Doing These 5 Exercises?

One of the trickiest parts of working out is programming how many, how much and how often. For us grizzled fitness vets, it doesn’t take long to come up with a workout for someone.

Especially if you use one of the most simple formulas there is for putting a workout together. This methodology is an approach used by Dan John and I’ve yet to find an easier way to program fitness routines.

All you need are exercises from the following movements, and BAM! Instant workout. The best part is these are five movements we do darn near every day, so if you can do them consistently, you’re chances of moving better regularly will go up quite a bit.

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Here are John’s five moves you should do in every workout:

  1. Loaded Carries: essentially pick up some weights and walk. There are so many variation of this that I’ve done entire workouts walking while holding weights in various positions. One of the other many benefits of loaded carries is that they go a long way to helping us get stronger with resisting rotational forces on the trunk.
  2. Squats: We do this movement every day, and its one of the most effective movements you can do to build strength head to toe.
  3. Hinges: If you can strengthen your hinge pattern, you’ll go a long way to building a strong back and a rock solid movement foundation. This is also a great way to undo the seated position as well.
  4. Pulls: Now that people sit for massive amounts of time, EVERYONE should be pulling some how some way in their workouts to give your posture a fighting chance at remaining neutral.
  5. Pushes: Planks, pushups, serratus press or any way you can push a load away from the body or overhead. Use bands and cable pulleys while incorporating a squat and you’ve just created a total body core strength movement.

That’s it, it really is that simple. Since there are as many ways to do these (timed, offset loads, drop sets, pyramids, density grinds, etc), that part is up to and your creative side.

To make things a little easier to put together, here are five exercises that you can try the next time you’re at the gym. It follows the carry, squat, hinge, pull and push pattern and will give you one heck of a workout.

Do these 5 exercises for a full body workout. Feel free to get creative with it! 





 Since basics always work best, this five exercise template will make it a lot easier to put your workouts together, get more out of each trip to the gym and help dial in your primal movement patterns.

- Al 

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Al Painter, BA & NASM-CPT, PES, CES

Written by Al Painter, BA & NASM-CPT, PES, CES

Al Painter is a trainer at Integrate Performance Fitness.