5 Ways to Promote Workplace Health After Your New Year's Resolutions

2017 is in full swing. The holidays are over, and so are those New Year's Resolutions everybody was so excited about. Now is the time when the gym starts to empty out and old unhealthy habits may begin to creep back into our lives. As a company, it is important to continue to promote wellness at the office and to follow through with your company's New Year's Resolutions. 

Find reasons to continue to push towards becoming a healthier company. Maybe most of your employees vacation somewhere sunny during spring break. Or perhaps your company needs to focus on stressing less as the quarter winds down. Having a specific company goal can help motivate your employees to keep fighting the good fight for a healthier tomorrow. 

Remember, wellness does not have to be fancy. Every employee doesn't need a Fitbit. Instead focus on small changes you can make in the office to raise morale and create happier, healthier employees. In turn they will grow your business! Management can do things like:

  • Promote your wellness plans
  • Start an anonymous wellness white board
  • Create a wellness space
  • Encourage wellness breaks
  • Relax your dress code 

Promote Your Wellness Plans

You can't follow through with your company's big wellness plans if you don't actively promote them. Be transparent, tell your employees what you expect from them, and in return tell them what they can expect from your company. Promotion means that management actively promotes wellness in meetings, lunchbreaks, and any company wide communications systems like Slack

Start an Anonymous Wellness White Board

If your company has a white board in your break room, or another well-traveled area in the office, use it for wellness! Encourage employees to write their wellness goals on the white board, anonymously. This way employees can feel safe, while still making their wellness goals public. Publicly saying they plan to walk more, or eat less sugar will hold employees accountable to take action. Also, the white board might provide ideas to other employees who are less sure about any wellness plans of their own.  

Create a Wellness Space

Having a space at the office to practice wellness is vital to your programs success. If you want employees to actively pursue their health goals, then let them at the office. Is there any empty space in your building that is not used anymore? Turn it into a yoga and meditation room. Perhaps the conference room can be reserved for a "time of wellness" period each day for an hour or two. Give your employees a chance to get into wellness by giving them a safe place to go. 

Encourage Wellness Breaks

Take a break. No really. Set an example as an employee and take a break. Others will notice and will feel more empowered to take a break themselves. Whether a break is simply taking a walk outside or doing an intensive meditation, it will help you focus. Besides, staring at a computer screen all day gets a little boring. Liven up the office, turn on some music or talk to a friend for a while. Your employees will thank you. 

Relax Your Dress Code

It is not rocket science to assume that being dressed in a suit and tie will discourage employees from even thinking about doing yoga in the wellness room. Let your employees come to work dressed in clothes they could practice wellness in. Yes, this means athletic attire. If employees can dress in what they would normally wear around the house or at the gym, they will be motivated to be active in the office. 

Make 2017 a healthy year for your business and your employees! It all starts with management. Set an example to all employees and follow through with your plans. If management prioritizes workplace health, employees will too. Cheers. 

What are your wellness goals for 2017? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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Clayton Lee

Written by Clayton Lee

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